A mixture of fuel oil and kerosene used for furnaces, boilers, and/or water heating systems.

Liberty Fuels


Prevent Gelling in Your Outdoor Heating Tank with our blend of fuel oil and kerosene. Our service technicians have years of experience to properly fuel your tanks and install any new materials that may be needed.



Diesel fuel and #2 fuel oil are nearly identical. The key distinction is in how they are intended to be used. #2 fuel oil is tax-free, which keeps prices low and makes it easier for families to heat their homes. If you own a home with an outdoor heating tank, our blend is an economical, efficient way to heat your home all winter long.


Heating oil is an environmentally friendly fuel. Newer oil-fueled home heating systems produce almost no pollutants while burning more effectively and can have efficiency ratings of up to 95%. The fuel oil used in our blend is designated as #2 diesel fuel oil, classified as a distillate fuel oil, meaning they aren't as dirty and full of contaminants as the residual heavy fuel oils used by industry and power generation.

Avoid Gelling

When temperatures drop, the natural paraffins in diesel and heating oil begin to crystallize, causing the fuel oil to gel. For lower viscosity and improved furnace efficiency, we create a blend by adding kerosene to #2 fuel. Our blend allows fuel to flow as temperatures dip in the cooler months.

Easy Level Checks

Checking your heating oil storage tank has never been easier thanks to modern technology. At its most basic, you can simply read the gauge located outside the tank or use the dip method. But you can also link the gauge to a smart device to monitor the levels remotely. Checking the levels is an easy task, but if you are worried about running out, ask about our auto delivery program. CALL US TODAY TO SET UP YOUR CAREFREE DELIVERY.