Fuel Oil

Ultra-low heating oil is our most commonly used heating oil for households. This product can be used for furnaces, boilers, and/or water heating systems.

Liberty Fuels

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is always available as it is a fossil fuel and has a supply chain in over 52 countries.

No hazmat, rental or delivery fees


Annual heating costs are consistently lower when heating with fuel oil rather than natural gas or electric heat sources. Upgrading your home heating system to heating oil will save you money and increase your home value by paying for itself over time. As it burns hotter than other fuels, less fuel oil is required to provide a warmer, more satisfying heat for the long, cold upstate winter days and nights.


Home heating oil systems that use fuel oil are known to perform at 85%-95% or higher capacity. These systems have an average lifespan of 30+ years with annual maintenance.


Fuel oil is not explosive. It only ignites by an advanced heating system with an oil burner. Due to its high flash point, fuel oil is fire resistant. It will provide visible warning signs, such as smoke, if a heating system malfunction were to occur.

Easy Level Checks

Checking your fuel oil storage tank has never been easier thanks to modern technology. At its most basic, you can simply read the gauge located outside the tank or use the dip method. But you can also link the gauge to a smart device to monitor the levels remotely. Checking the levels is an easy task, but if you are worried about running out, ask about our auto delivery program. CALL US TODAY TO SET UP YOUR CAREFREE DELIVERY.