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A dyed fuel is recommended for customers with non-heated, outside tanks to heat their homes. This product can be used for furnaces, boilers, and/or water heating systems and for recreational needs.

Liberty Fuels


Kerosene is a fossil fuel in liquid form that is derived from crude oil during the refining process. Kerosene doesn’t gel so it is a top choice for use in construction sites and heating homes in colder climates.



Kerosene is very cost-efficient. Many residents, business owners, and local farmers choose Liberty Fuels to deliver their kerosene.

Long Shelf Life

Choosing storage containers for kerosene depends on the length of time you plan on storing it. Kerosene can be stored for up to one year in plastic containers, but when stored in rust resistant metal containers, it has a shelf life of up to ten years. Kerosene can become contaminated if stored improperly, so make sure you use only new, kerosene safe containers, clearly identified for storage of kerosene. Keep kerosene in dry, temperature-controlled environments away from the elements.

Safety & Ease

Kerosene is known to produce fewer fumes than other fuels and considered less harmful to the environment that burning coal or wood. It’s important to keep in mind that like many fuels, kerosene is easy to ignite. This makes it a valuable source of heat and electricity if ever in a situation with power issues.

Easy Level Checks

Checking your kerosene storage tank has never been easier thanks to modern technology. At its most basic, you can simply read the gauge located outside the tank or use the dip method. But you can also link the gauge to a smart device to monitor the levels remotely. Checking the levels is an easy task, but if you are worried about running out, ask about our auto delivery program. CALL US TODAY TO SET UP YOUR CAREFREE DELIVERY.